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We all know one. The friend that consistently argues, defends, and overlooks the horror that explodes out of the so-called leader of our country. Just as we thought it was over, that 2021 would bring sunnier days, radical Trump supporters stormed the Capital Building in Washington D.C on January 6th.

And yet, many of them will place zero blame on the president. If you’re like me, you’re outraged. …

Is constant social media use dangerous for those with developing brains?

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Social Media is incorporated into every inch of our lives. It is the first thing we check when we wake up, and the last thing we check before we go to sleep. Those born in 1995 or later, known as iGen, have grown up using social media from a young age.

Social media users have been broken down by generation: 90.4% of IGen, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users. According to Mir and Novas from the National Center for Health Research (2019), it is estimated that 78% of 18–24 year olds use…

Let’s talk about why Finance is the best college major to pick

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Senior year of college might be one of the most wonderfully confusing times in a young person’s life. It may feel bittersweet to attend your last home-coming games, parties, late-night dining hall adventures and all-nighters. The life you knew for 4 adventurous years, is coming to a close. Now what?

Most colleges offer between 50 and 100 undergraduate majors. If you’re one of the very few lucky students, you have a lucid dream of what you want to major in right off the bat. For the rest of us, choosing a major can be extremely stressful. …

Britanie Carlozzi

College Student | Writer

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